What do we do?


PEGELE service consists of allowing advertisers to reach thousands of potential customers by displaying their advertisement(s) on our site and users to earn money by viewing those advertisements.

Our Independent Business Users (IBM) click on the advertiser's advertisement and view it during the amount of time specified by the advertiser.

After viewing the advertisement, the IBM has to respond to three questions related to the advertisement. If all the questions are responded properly, the IBM will gets credited according to our commission rate.

You don't need to pay us a thing to start earning. So, register now and start earning money for free!


The amount of money each IBM earns varies between the quantity of advertisements the IBM has viewed and the number of referrals the IBM has and the number of advertisements those referrals view. IBM has to view and respond properly to the questions to 10 or more advertisements in one day to enable all earns from the IBM's group, if the IBM does not view and respond properly a minimum of 10 advertisements in a day, the IBM will not make any earnings on that day.


PEGELE payment cycle is monthly. You accrue estimated earnings over the course of a month, and then at the beginning of the following month your earnings are finalized and posted to your balance on your "earnings" page. If your balance exceeds the payment threshold of $100 and you have no payment holds, you'll be issued a payment on or around the 21st of the month. Earnings will be accumulated to the following month if your balance does not exceed the $100. Note that the exact time you receive your payment will depend on which form of payment you've selected.


For example, let's say you accrue estimated earnings throughout the month of June. By July 3rd, you'll see your June 1st-30th finalized total earnings credited to your "Transactions" page. You'll then be issued a payment for your June earnings and any other credits on your balance as one lump sum on July 21st.